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    A single address is all you need to unlock geo-coded risk intelligence. With information on more than 13 million residential properties nationwide, iClarify™ delivers instant access to Canada’s most accurate construction features, valuations, geo-coded imagery, Fire Underwriters Survey® (FUS) protection grades, predictive Peril Scores and flood risk so you can assess risk with confidence and rate with precision.

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    Inspection Score

    Detect where to inspect. By combining Opta’s analytical capabilities with our technical expertise on the ground, you can proactively identify—on a risk-by-risk basis in your portfolio—which properties are more prone to have claims and need to be inspected based on known loss issues ranging from poor housekeeping to the condition of oil tanks and wood stoves. This targeted approach is a strong mitigation strategy allowing you to re-rate risks and collect proper premiums on heavily underinsured properties.

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    Health Check

    Instead of waiting for things to get better, a proactive approach can ensure you don’t dislocate good business and good risks from the bad ones. Get a scan of your entire in-force book to identify which risks are good, which should be removed, and which are worth keeping but at a higher premium.

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    Vision Surveys

    Collect adequate premiums for your exposures by obtaining the most up-to-date information from your insureds. Opta’s Vision surveys provide a non-invasive means to survey your insureds and is one of the most cost-effective methods to authenticate rating and underwriting variables within personal, automobile, and home portfolios in Canada.

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