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Episode 4: Uncovering Exposures: The Importance of a Solid Preventative Maintenance Plan

19 May 2022

Preventative maintenance of commercial and residential buildings has implications that span both property and liability exposures. Inadequate maintenance plans for building components and mechanical systems—from roofing and cladding to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC—can open the door to deterioration. This can raise both separate and intersecting hazards of fire, water damage, personal injury, and more. Opta Precise Services can help with assessing buildings for loss exposure and mapping steps to mitigate potential for claims.

About the Expert

Josh has worked for Opta Precise Services serving the insurance industry for ten years jointly as the National Administrator of Professional Services and a Senior Commercial/Residential Loss Control Specialist. In his current roles, he engages with clients to develop a diverse array of loss control solutions in effort to reduce exposure to loss and ensure that portfolios are adequately insured to value.

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